School2000 is a British High-Technology company providing individual learning and tuition to each and every registered student, as per their timetable, as per their syllabus, in English and in a few selected languages. It delivers lessons and tuitions in clear text, images and voice. Teaching in class-group, or in video-groups is not effective as it is not possible to pay individual attention to each student in any group. E-Lesson and E-Tuition pays individual attention to every student, and records their daily activities. Each registered students can access any E-Lesson or E-Tuition at any time, on any day, any number of times [without limit], which enables even slow learners and those who need repetition to learn everything. Each lesson has an inbuilt assessment to monitor if each student has learnt each lesson and understood it. Each parent is automatically sent an Email past midnight stating daily progress so they can identify and fix problems before they become serious. There need be no disappointing or unexpected results. A microcomputer is available to where electricity and Internet is unreliable.


E-Education contains 3 modules, consisting of E-Lesson, E-Tuition and E-School. It is primarily rendered in English with options to use one or more regional languages. E-Education is designed to work on Internet PC and Smartphones, although teaching to Students in Subject-Group is best in Smartphones

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Custom Design

School2000 offers to design, implement and maintenance custom-designed browser-based web-application using Visual-Studio, C#, Bootstrap and jQuery. Source-code with support/maintenance is offered to those who require it. Our web-applications work well with small and medium establishments, using a Microcomputer, where mains and electricity is not available or is unreliable.

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Teaching Web-Design

Teaching web-application to those not familiar with the basics of computers, users and particularly to Junior and High-schools Students is difficult. Many waste a lot of time and money with books and video-tutorials. The basics must first be taught along with the jargon and abbreviations. Web-Design teaches how to design web-applications from scratch, in small steps, and offers repair facilities, if required