E-Lesson is the first of 3 modules of E-Education. Through E-Lessons, students can use Internet-PCs, tablets or phones to access E-Lessons at their leisure. Each student is therefore taught individually, on their on schedule. Lessons can be repeated ad infimum, aiding slow and fast learners alike.

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E-Tuition is the 2nd of 3 modules of E-Education. Through as a one-to-one Video-based tuition program similar to Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, students can connect with their teachers to receive individual, personalised tuition across all devices. E-Tuition is offered to Students who need it.

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E-School is the 3rd and final module of E-Education. Through a full integrated system, E-School offers schools an easy portal through which to manage the school. Examples of tools include Enrolment, Admissions, and Payroll management. Please find a more thorough description of the available tools here

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